dirty laundry

dirty laundry

There's nothing a mother won't do for her family.

  • Status: 13 hours distributed by Newen
  • Category: Drama
  • Details: 13 x 1 hour drama

Seemingly Uncle Trevor’s dutiful accountant, Donna’s been channelling ill-gotten gains - from race-horses, immigration scams and a suburban brothel - through daughter Bianca’s hairdressing salon and the family coffers.

Chief cook, bottle washer, crime syndicate operator – it’s amazing how much one woman can accomplish in a day.

When Donna’s arrested her brood, who suspected none of this, are forced to examine just how far they’ll go to maintain the comfortable lifestyle mum provided. Mortgages, school fees, the cost of living - it soon mounts up. And that’s what makes the Raffertys a real New Zealand family.

Kat, Matt and Bianca face the scary possibility that if they want to keep their home comforts, then they might just need to take over some of Donna’s business interests. DIRTY LAUNDRY is big rollicking drama. Warm, funny and surprising, it’s about real choices and moral dilemmas.

How far will this family go in order to stick together and survive?