bad mothers

bad mothers

Motherhood can be Murder.

  • Status: Season 1: 8 x 1 hour episodes
  • Category: Drama
  • Details: Season 1 available @ TVNZ On Demand
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Some mothers seem to have it all. Perfect homes, perfect families, perfect careers. Sarah’s perfect life as a GP, wife and mother of two comes tumbling down when she discovers her husband is having an affair. Then Sarah’s best friend is found murdered and Sarah’s husband Anton is arrested.

Sarah’s perfect life starts to unravel. She finds unlikely sisterhood and support in a ragtag group of school mums who call themselves the Bad Mothers Club. Buoyed by their support, Sarah can’t help but be drawn into the chaotic worlds of her new friends: Danielle, the outgoing mum who needs more in her life; Bindy, the wild child party mum; and Maddie, the fierce mum battling with a difficult child and an acrimonious custody dispute.

Anton swears he is innocent and Sarah, aided by her new friends, is catapulted into her own game of detective as she fights to clear her husband’s name.

BAD MOTHERS, the delicious new drama from Filthy Productions and Jungle Entertainment, explores the underbelly of modern motherhood through the prism of four very different women. Funny, heartfelt and full of surprises, BAD MOTHERS is about the struggles all parents face, juggling, work and career (and also a murder).

Any challenge is easier if you’re among friends.

Starring Tess Haubrich, Mandy McElhinney, Jessica Tovey, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Daniel MacPherson, Don Hany, Steve Bastoni, Harry Greenwood, Michala Banas, Josh McKenzie and Melissa George

Produced in Australia with Jungle Entertainment